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Events & Courses

PAL + RPAL Course

We offer both Restricted and Non-Restricted Firearms Course, click here to find a course.

Stop the Bleed

Learning life threatening bleeding control techniques by using direct pressure, tourniquet placement and wound packing

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The Academy is a place of purposeful learning. A space where students can gain practical knowledge and experience about topics that matter. Our cadre of instructors have first hand professional experience in subjects like firearms safety, first-aid and trauma care, self defense, strength & fitness, leadership training, and more.

The partners we select have experience you can trust, because we believe the credibility in the source of the material is just as important as the content.

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Our Instructors

Stop the Bleed Instructor

As an Advanced Care Tactical Paramedic working in a large urban center, Shane knows the importance that time plays when responding to life threatening bleeding. Shane has worked within the public safety community for over 20 years with experience in mountain rescue, avalanche forecasting, emergency medical services and tactical medicine.

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